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The Perfect Watch For Scuba Divers

If you’re preparing for a dive, an essential item to have is a good dive watch. At Etairos Watch Co., we combined our love for watches with our love for the ocean, and created the perfect scuba dive watch so you can get out and enjoy the water, too! Scuba divers will want to look for important features when choosing a dive watch that measures up to the challenge of deep water dives. The Mission 71 Dive Watch is the perfect option for a scuba diving watch, with features such as a depth rating of 30ATM, a Two O’Clock screw-down point, a raised bezel, a secure strap, a sleek style, and a mission that supports the preservation of our ocean’s ecosystems.

Etairos Mission 71 Dive Watch

The Mission 71 Dive Watch is an environmentally conscious watch created to help bring awareness to the ocean’s ecosystems and to help more people enjoy their adventures in the ocean. This watch was created to be the perfect watch for all of your adventures, on land or at sea.


Depth Rating of 30ATM

When you are looking for the perfect scuba diving watch, you will want to make sure it is water- and shock-resistant at the depths you frequently dive to. The Mission 71 Dive Watch can be taken up to 30ATM, or 1,000 feet below the surface of the water. This allows all divers to use it, whether you are viewing coral reefs in the shallow waters or exploring the depths of the ocean.


Two O’Clock Screw Down Crown

Screw-down crowns create a water-resistant case, protecting water from entering the watch face and mechanics. This is an essential part of creating a scuba diving watch since you will want to take it with you to monitor dive depths and times. Our screw-down crown is conveniently located at the two o’clock position to keep it out of your way when diving.

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Raised Bezel

The bezel is one of the most important features of a scuba dive watch. Sitting on the outside of the dial, it can be used to measure elapsed time. This serves the purpose of helping scuba divers monitor how much time they have left with their oxygen supply. The bezel is raised to make it more functional when you are preparing for a dive, with a user-friendly design that allows you to align the bezel even when wearing gloves or on a boat.

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Secure Strap

The natural rubber strap on our scuba diving watch can give you peace of mind as you are reaching new depths. Your watch will stay securely, and comfortably, on your wrist for the entirety of the dive. The material of these straps is a sustainable option for scuba divers, and they are meant to last in harsh ocean waters.

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Not only is the Mission 71 Dive Watch designed to be a useful scuba diving watch, but it was also designed with style in mind. Our watch is available in the original orange and blue design, or in the striking Octo Black design. You can pair the Mission 71 Dive Watch with a wet suit, or with your favorite outfit!

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Our Mission

Etairos Watch Co. knows scuba divers care about keeping the ocean in great condition, leaving more for us to explore and enjoy. That’s why we founded our company with the mission “For Our Ocean.” When you shop with Etairos, you can be confident your purchases are going to ocean ecosystem preservation and education. We hope to inspire others to care for oceans, and watches, as much as we do.

Become our partner in ocean conservation efforts when you purchase our Mission 71 Dive Watch as your next scuba diving watch. Shop today!

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