About Us 

About Etairos Watch Co.

Owning an Etairos Watch Co. Mission 71 dive watch is more than simply having a timepiece on your wrist. It shows you have a passion for preserving the environment and love to play in the ocean! It also demonstrates that you live for adventures and the outdoors, just like our team here at Etairos Watch Co.

Etairos, which is a Greek word, means “partner” or “associate.” When you choose Etairos Watch Co., you become our partner and associate in saving the largest resource on Earth, our oceans, which make up approximately 71% of our planet’s surface. This is our mission: The Mission 71.

To achieve this, Etairos Watch Co. pledges 20% of our profits to help rid our oceans of harmful pollution and plastics, and to save our dying reefs and endangered marine life. We will also establish the Etairos Watch Co. College Scholarship Fund to help students who want to save our oceans accomplish their goals and help the planet. We believe the answers to life’s big questions are within our reach and will come from ocean research. The students we aim to help could possibly discover the cure for cancer and other horrific diseases through marine and environmental research, or discover new sustainable energy sources. Our oceans are absolutely critical to life on this planet, and with healthy and clean oceans comes a healthy, happy life for us, its inhabitants. We are excited to work with you to help make a difference in the world and promote sustainability through our high-quality dive watches. Get in touch with us or browse our selection of premier sustainable watches today!

  • Sincerely,
  • Dan Arnold
  • Founder
  • Etairos Watch Co.