How Do Watches Affect the Environment

Like most things in the world, watches have an impact on the environment. Whether it be during the process of mining materials, production, disassembly, or disposal, watches contribute to environmental damage. In this blog post, our team at Etairos Watch Co. discusses four ways in which watches affect the environment and how Etairos Watch Co is helping ocean preservation. Learn more and find environmentally friendly diving watches at Etairos Watch Co. today!



Mining Materials

The process of mining materials used to create watches is one of the most damaging parts of the watch-making industry. From traditional gold or copper to rare earth metals such as neodymium and yttrium, extractive processes are often incredibly energy-intensive and can cause significant environmental damage.



During the production of watches, various chemicals are used to shape and craft materials into the final product. These chemicals can be released into the environment, leading to air and water pollution.



The process of disassembling watches is a major contributing factor to environmental damage. Watches often contain various types of plastic, rubber, and metal components that can be difficult to recycle or repurpose.


How Etairos Watch Co. Helps Combat These Issues

At Etairos Watch Co. we have a passion for our ocean and the environment, which is why we work hard to preserve ocean life and ocean sustainability. We are committed to preserving the environment by donating 20% of our profits to help rid the oceans of harmful pollution and plastics, as well as saving our dying or endangered marine life. We've also established the Etairos Watch Co. College Scholarship Fund, which helps students who want to save our oceans accomplish their goals of helping the planet.

It is clear that watches contribute to environmental damage in many ways, from mining materials to production and disposal. At Etairos Watch Co., we believe in ocean preservation through sustainable watch manufacturing and ocean conservation efforts. By purchasing a dive watch from our company you not only get an amazing piece of equipment but also help ocean conservation efforts. Get your watch from our team today! Thank you for helping us make a bigger difference in ocean preservation!

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